Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I know I haven't been on here lately...but honestly...I can't get my mind off Ollie..and what he's going through.

It consumes my thoughts. 

Have you read the latest blog post's on his blog??

(his mom) ...."He's been not wanting to spend the night anywhere lately either. I think it's because he's afraid to die anywhere else but home."

Oh my goodness :( 

I can't take breaks my heart. 

He says he loves Christmas...because the Spirit of Christmas makes him feel warm inside...

I pray the Spirit does indeed warm him inside...and calms his fears, so he can feel peaceful and happy.

Please pray for him...he's scared, he's tired, he's confused....

Please pray.   

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Killers came to visit Oliver!!! you have to watch this video :)

Ollie loves this band....and they came to Iowa to VISIT him!!!  At his house!! 

Can you believe this??

It meant SO much to Ollie.  These are truly great guys.

They even played the guitar for him.

You HAVE to watch this's GREAT!

They sure made a fan out of me.....Thank you, Killers!!!

Please read about Ollie...he's such an amazingly brave little boy who is fighting DIPG...a rare form of brain cancer.