Wednesday, August 31, 2011

If you're listening...I need you to pray

We need prayers for a miracle....Oliver's MRI results were not what we were hoping for. His tumor has grown.
Please keep praying....GOD CAN HEAL HIM!
I ♥ this boy.

Toma likes cowboy boots :)

Pink ones!  :)
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oliver needs your prayers!

 I'm crying out to the Lord....
For HEALING.  For a MIRACLE.  Because HE CAN!

Please pray for Oliver.  He has an MRI on Wednesday (the 31st)  to see if there has been any change with the tumor. Please storm Heaven for a miracle.
— .

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Michael's birthday afternoon

Famous Dave's + Michael = Hog Heaven

He didn't get ALL of them...but he did manage MOST of them. Rich and I snuck a few :)

Boy, did he have a good time. He gets ribs once a year, on his B-day :)

and then they brought out this awesome sundae, with a sparkler on top (for free!)

 using the straw to get the last drop....cuz that's the way Michael rolls....

 then we headed to the it is before it started....I think the rib platter is getting to him!

Then after all that we had a party at home...with Cherry Breeze from Grandma

 and ho-ho's.  Toma blew out his candle!!!!  He was very proud of himself too :)

Michael said it was his best Birthday ever.  :) :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Mikey's Birthday Breakfast :)

Crepes, his favorite!
He especially loves them with banana's and caramel sauce...but it was too hectic around here this morning for that!!! 

I can't believe he's 9.

We're going to Pirates of the Caribbean today, and to Famous Dave's...BBQ ribs are his other favorite!  Rich and I got a gift certificate for there for our anniversary and I gave it to Michael so he could get a big rack of them  :) :)  

So, needless to say, he's in HOG HEAVEN.   hehee.
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Birthdays Birthdays Birthdays.........

Today is Artioms 7th Birthday
 And he's NOT digging his birthday hat ;)

 It's his second birthday at home <3

 Tomorrow is Michael's 9th Birthday!  And he's VERY excited!    (and he's a dork!)

Toma is better now that we've gotten rid of that annoying thing on his head....well, ONE of them anyway...hahaaa...

 Michael is choosing to go out to eat for his birthday and to a movie and then come home and have a campfire :)  I just love my sweet boy. 

 Toma is going to go swimming today, which he LOVES to do..and then have some cake :)  Probably with NO hat ;)

My two Birthday boys.

Monday, August 22, 2011

I finally got a camera cord!!! Wanna see what Toma learned how to do today??


He thinks he's Rock'in this style....

But I'm thinking he won't be leaving the house for...oh...6 months or so.
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Instead of Fatherless Friday...

I'm doing another post in honor of Oliver Palmer.  Because I love him :)  And because he needs all the prayers he can get to beat cancer.  Ollie taught himself how to play Amazing Grace on the piano.  It's sooo sweet.  You have to watch it.  Here he is learning how to crack a whip :)  He's learning Archery....  Thanking people for cards...which he LOVES to get.....if you're interested in sending him one ;)  Dancing :)  And he's got some good moves!

These are great videos of Ollie...they show his sweet personality and his sense of humor :) 
Please keep him in your prayers....I know he CAN be healed.  And I'm determined that if we all pray enough...he WILL be.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some happenings around here....(updated with a really nice pic of Ollie)

(for the few of you that don't do Facebook...ok...probably the ONE of you...ahem, KRISTIN)  :)

The other night I was in a hurry making supper because we were having a party for my dad...(so, I was really just making it for Rich) I made him noodles and they were in the pot on the stove, but as I reached up to the cupboard above the stove to get candles out, one of my FL souvenirs fell out...a TAIL from a horseshoe crab, and it fell in his noodles! Long and spiky..bleh. I picked it out...but I didn't tell him ;)

And on another note....I've been trying to potty train Artiom...he spent A LOT of time on his potty yesterday, mostly in the kitchen, but he scoots it around which I tell him NOT to do...sigh.  Anyway, last night I was eating cereal by the computer...and his potty chair was sitting there with some, ahem, potty in it.  I got up to go do something and when I came back I saw him walking away with the bowl part...that was now EMPTY.  I looked at my cereal and it was YELLOW!  HE DUMPED IT IN MY CEREAL!!!!!

Too much man.  Too much.  I threw the bowl away.  And he got a scolding.  I need a vacation. 

And finally, Please don't forget to PRAY for Oliver.....

Monday, August 15, 2011

It's my dads Birthday today!

He's 78.  I know, I know...he looks like he's 108 ;) 

For breakfast this morning I made him his favorite....pancakes with an egg on top.  And a candle on top of that :)  He wore a spiderman birthday hat :)

Later, I'll make him a hot fudge cake....and he can open his presents...which are the only 2 things he likes....snus and chocolate.  Real healthy, I know.   But it's what he likes.

Happy Birthday to Ol' Salty!

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

I can't get this sweet boy off my mind...or heart.

I told you about Oliver the other day....and I've been praying so hard for him...and I'm asking you all to do the same.  He's such a special little guy!  His smile lights up a room, his sense of humor is always present...even though his life is very challenging right now.  He's funny, he's loving, and he's a strong little boy who has been fighting cancer for 2 years.

  HE NEEDS PRAYER!  Please!!!

Here he is making a card for another child that has cancer.  Because he has the most tender heart.

Here's a little more about you can get to 'know' him....

These are a few of my favorite things...

Sport - baseball, football, basketball, hockey
Inside Activity - Playing the Wii, video games, wrestling with Jaren, making Finny laugh, watching movies, reading, playing marbles, Family Home Evening, playing with friends and family
Outside Activity - Fishing, Archery, Jumping on Trampoline with Eden, camping, ball games, sledding, going to the beach
Food - Spaghetti and meatballs, bacon
Comedian - Jim Gaffigan & Brian Regan
Sports Teams - Iowa Hawkeyes, Chicago Cubs
Martial Art - Capoiera
Wrestler - John Cena, The Undertaker
Animal - Monkeys, Kittens
Comic Book Character - The Incredible Hulk
Movie - "The Master of Disguise", Harry Potter series
Band - The Killers
TV Series - The Last Airbender
Holiday - Christmas
Traditions - Valentine's Dinner, Decorating the Christmas Tree
Toys - Dart Guns, remote control cars
Books - Junie B. Jones, Captain Underpants
Cartoon Character - Spongebob Squarepants
Other - Cuddling, smiling, doing impersonations, one liners!

And he has the best smile in the world!

He also has a caring bridge at

I Do believe in Miracles.  I believe in the power of Prayer. 

Please take a minute to get to know Oliver....and help pray him WELL!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meet Oliver.....

This is Oliver, a very special 10 yr old boy who is struggling with cancer.
He is funny and sweet...and SUCH a special boy. 

Please visit these sights to get to know Ollie...and please PRAY for him....oh, and if you could please 'like' his page, I know it would mean a lot to him :)!/pages/Olivers-Journey-with-DIPG/140894035994480?sk=info

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

picture of Toma at another parade :)

We went to a parade last weekend....Toma still has no interest in such things as candy....or really what's even going on in the parade...but he sure does like to get out and go places :)  He knows if I get his shoes out that he's going somewhere and that makes him very happy :)
It was hot out...but his brother had a squirt gun and Toma got ahold of it and squirted Michael...then himself...that's why he's wet.  He sure loved that squirt gun...I was surprised at how well (and quick!) he could shoot it.  :)    Anything water....he loves.
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Friday, August 5, 2011

Fatherless Friday

What a wonderful daughter little Francine would make!  She is so able and so determined! Please consider making her a part of your family....she desperately needs someone to come for her.

Girl, Born May 2006
Francine has been waiting a long time for her forever family. She was born with CP, but you can see how well she is doing and how strong she is physically. She is an orphanage favorite.

From her medical records: cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia, delay of psychospeech development

From a family who visited with her in August 2010: "I just wanted to say that Francine is mobile and doesn't let her CP stop her! She was a very sweet little girl and her face beamed when she smiled! She has beautiful light blue eyes and dark hair. I know she would make a wonderful daughter. If anyone asks about her I'd love tell them more about her. "

$1665.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!