Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some happenings around here....(updated with a really nice pic of Ollie)

(for the few of you that don't do Facebook...ok...probably the ONE of you...ahem, KRISTIN)  :)

The other night I was in a hurry making supper because we were having a party for my dad...(so, I was really just making it for Rich) I made him noodles and they were in the pot on the stove, but as I reached up to the cupboard above the stove to get candles out, one of my FL souvenirs fell out...a TAIL from a horseshoe crab, and it fell in his noodles! Long and spiky..bleh. I picked it out...but I didn't tell him ;)

And on another note....I've been trying to potty train Artiom...he spent A LOT of time on his potty yesterday, mostly in the kitchen, but he scoots it around which I tell him NOT to do...sigh.  Anyway, last night I was eating cereal by the computer...and his potty chair was sitting there with some, ahem, potty in it.  I got up to go do something and when I came back I saw him walking away with the bowl part...that was now EMPTY.  I looked at my cereal and it was YELLOW!  HE DUMPED IT IN MY CEREAL!!!!!

Too much man.  Too much.  I threw the bowl away.  And he got a scolding.  I need a vacation. 

And finally, Please don't forget to PRAY for Oliver.....


  1. You are funny. Your family makes me a good way. Ollie is a doll. Will be praying for him.

  2. Well.......I'm not on FB either. LOL!! Oh my goodness on the potty incident! LOL!! The horseshoe crab tail just ads vitamins and flavor! mmmmm!

  3. I'm kind of liking all of the attention I get for NOT being on Facebook so I guess I'll continue to my ongoing boycott! :)

    Oh yeah, and when you finally decide to move to NC, we can have family dinners at MY HOUSE only! You know, I wouldn't want to put you out and all of that...I'm just nice and hospitable like has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the fact that your kitchen wouldn't meet most of those pesky OSHA standards. tee hee heeeeeeeeeee

  4. big dork!

    And I have a sneaky suspicion you may be RIGHT!!!

    That's ok though...I'd rather come to YOUR place anyway!!! I've given up on the whole 'cooking' thing. It's cereal or nothing around here. ;)