Friday, August 26, 2011

Birthdays Birthdays Birthdays.........

Today is Artioms 7th Birthday
 And he's NOT digging his birthday hat ;)

 It's his second birthday at home <3

 Tomorrow is Michael's 9th Birthday!  And he's VERY excited!    (and he's a dork!)

Toma is better now that we've gotten rid of that annoying thing on his head....well, ONE of them anyway...hahaaa...

 Michael is choosing to go out to eat for his birthday and to a movie and then come home and have a campfire :)  I just love my sweet boy. 

 Toma is going to go swimming today, which he LOVES to do..and then have some cake :)  Probably with NO hat ;)

My two Birthday boys.


  1. Happy Birthday, Toma and Michael! I hope you both have really fun days.

  2. Happy Birthday Michael and Toma!!!


  3. Aaaw!! What sweet boys! Happy Birthday!! (((HUGS))) I want Famous Daves too!! LOL!!