Tuesday, August 9, 2011

picture of Toma at another parade :)

We went to a parade last weekend....Toma still has no interest in such things as candy....or really what's even going on in the parade...but he sure does like to get out and go places :)  He knows if I get his shoes out that he's going somewhere and that makes him very happy :)
It was hot out...but his brother had a squirt gun and Toma got ahold of it and squirted Michael...then himself...that's why he's wet.  He sure loved that squirt gun...I was surprised at how well (and quick!) he could shoot it.  :)    Anything water....he loves.
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  1. swwet boy! He is getting so big!

  2. sorry, I meant "sweet" boy! I can't spell after 10 pm!

  3. well, he WAS sweating....hahaaa get it swwet....yeah...I better go to bed!

    You know I still can't comment on your blog w/o signing up for google each time....but I read it and it's hilarious!!!

  4. Does this mean you found your connector for your camera? What a cutie...even if he is sweatie!

  5. No, it means I had Ashley and her phone camera with :)

    But I think Shane ordered a new cord....