Friday, August 19, 2011

Instead of Fatherless Friday...

I'm doing another post in honor of Oliver Palmer.  Because I love him :)  And because he needs all the prayers he can get to beat cancer.  Ollie taught himself how to play Amazing Grace on the piano.  It's sooo sweet.  You have to watch it.  Here he is learning how to crack a whip :)  He's learning Archery....  Thanking people for cards...which he LOVES to get.....if you're interested in sending him one ;)  Dancing :)  And he's got some good moves!

These are great videos of Ollie...they show his sweet personality and his sense of humor :) 
Please keep him in your prayers....I know he CAN be healed.  And I'm determined that if we all pray enough...he WILL be.


  1. I think he and Michael could be so many ways :)

    Jodi :)