Tuesday, January 28, 2014

4 years ago today....

Four years ago today we were in Ukraine meeting Artiom.  4 years!!  I can hardly believe it.

These were taken last night, you can see how much he's grown and changed in the last 4 years.  Although I think he will always be 'small'.

Now that's a big smile!

He normally isn't too fond of the camera, so it was nice that he actually wanted me to take these.

He's a handful alright....he's gentle natured, but I've learned in the last 4 years that raising a child with profound autism is not easy.  I've learned to take it day by day.

I'm still trying to navigate around the blog/pictures since I haven't posted in so long I've forgotten how to!  But here are a few pictures from the past year.  
Christmas 2013

Sisters birthday fun :)

Very curious about his big sisters baby when they came to visit :)

 His 9th birthday :)

And I'll end it with the only baby picture we have of him, along with his baptismal necklace that we were given at the orphanage.