Sunday, August 28, 2011

Michael's birthday afternoon

Famous Dave's + Michael = Hog Heaven

He didn't get ALL of them...but he did manage MOST of them. Rich and I snuck a few :)

Boy, did he have a good time. He gets ribs once a year, on his B-day :)

and then they brought out this awesome sundae, with a sparkler on top (for free!)

 using the straw to get the last drop....cuz that's the way Michael rolls....

 then we headed to the it is before it started....I think the rib platter is getting to him!

Then after all that we had a party at home...with Cherry Breeze from Grandma

 and ho-ho's.  Toma blew out his candle!!!!  He was very proud of himself too :)

Michael said it was his best Birthday ever.  :) :)

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