Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ollie and Valentines Day

Ollie LOVES Valentines Day....
Ollie and his cutie-pie sister making Valentines goodies....
Valentines Day has always been super special to Oliver.
His family has a tradition of making it a wonderful event
with treasured memories....memories of candle-lit dinners, special foods, the family all together.....
Lets pray that this Valentines Day can be that for Ollie...for his family.
*********If you'd like to send Oliver a Valentines card to brighten his day, his address is Oliver Palmer 417 Oaklawn Ave Waterloo, IA 50701*********

http://oliverpalmer.blogspot.com/2011/02/valentines-day-candlelight-dinner.html  More pics from Valentines day past......so sweet.

http://oliverpalmer.blogspot.com/2011/02/valentines-day-cookies.html  take a look :)

http://oliverpalmer.blogspot.com/2011/02/will-you-be-my-valentine.html  so sweet <3

http://oliverpalmer.blogspot.com/  Current blogpost about Valentines day....please read!

(and because I can't seem to link this one...I'll just copy the whole thing)
February 14, 2010 - Family Valentine's Day Dinner

Every Valentine's Day, starting when Oliver was 2 years old, we have a family Valentine's Dinner by candlelight! We started this tradition because we hated fighting the crowds in the restaurants. I came up with the idea of having a fancy dinner at our own house with the people we love the most, our own little family. Eden was almost 1 and 1/2 and Oliver was nearly 3 years old. We make fettucini alfredo or spaghetti, have garlic bread or breadsticks, salad and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. We even drink sparkling cider out of fancy wine glasses. The kids help decorate the table with linens, flower petals and candles. We also added some soft instrumental music in the background as well! We've loved this tradition ever since. The kids look forward to it every year!!!

The gang's all here!

Oliver - age 8

Eden - age 7

Jaren - age 2 1/2

Ollie being a goof! He was making us all laugh doing some hilarious 'Pistachio Disguisey' quotes from the movie, "The Master of Disguise" starring Dana Carvey! I'll have to find the video and post it!


Eden and Ollie

Finn was hanging out in his swing next to the table. I didn't realize that he wasn't in any pictures. Oooooops! We love you, too, Finny!!! Hope you all had a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY and took the time to tell your family and friends how much you love them!!!

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  1. This is such a sweet post and a great idea. I think we will copy their tradition in honor of Oliver. <3