Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ole Salty....

Dad, aka, Ole Salty  getting 'bubbled' by Summer :)
He tries to act all grumpy...but I see that smile.....

Alex and Michael
playing with the bubbles....I can't believe my BABY (Alex) is going to be 5 on Saturday!  Which is also the day Toma became a Lewandoski, 2 years ago in Ukraine <3 <3


  1. I'm confused. Your Dad is all decked out in his winter ear and your kids are wearing their summer stuff..what exactly is the weather out there these days? We are fully into Spring weather here with trees and flowers blooming like crazy! Your Dad is a hoot! Maybe if you move to Alabama he'll come visit and i can drive the 10hrs. to meet him. tee hee

  2. LOL...he wears long underwear ALL year round!!!

    I think you'd like him ;)

    And I'm leaning towards FL now :) :)