Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Michael :)

I thought I'd do a post on Michael.  He's getting to be quite creative and such a good big brother.  :)

 He's been cooking a lot!  He's always been a good cook, but now I think he's better than I am!  He makes pizza from scratch. 

 He loves Si, from Duck Dynasty :) But his all time favorite show is The Andy Griffith Show, we watch it EVERY DAY!

 He takes good care of his little brothers and sisters....most of the time.  ;)

 He makes venison jerky totally on his own.  I would have had no idea how to make this, but my 11 yr old can do it and it's SO good! :) 

 He loves the show 'Chopped' so we have 'Chopped' lunches around here sometimes :)  He can put together a good soup in minutes.

 Valentines Day :)

 He loves to play bingo.

He especially likes to WIN at bingo :)

He took these plain squirt guns and 'Steampunked' them,
 They turned out so cool!!

He plays so nicely outside with Toma, who is afraid of the snow.

He made these lemon drops one night, they were so good :)

And this hat...he took a plain purple felt hat...
 Glued foam pieces to it....

Painted it... (he walked up to the hardware store in the snow to buy the paints to do this)

And Steampunked it!  I loved the way it turned out.

 More pizza, this time showing Alex how to do it too...

 I don't know what this is, I found it on the camera ;)

 Or this.

the leprechaun brought these cool glasses...

Flarp, his favorite :)
                                He made this entire turkey dinner by himself too...good thing I checked though, because he almost put it in the oven with the 'innards' bag and neck still in!  Now that would have been an unpleasant surprise!! 

Now if I can download it, I'll include a lego stop motion movie he made the other day, it's really neat! 


  1. Such a nice post about Michael, Jodi. He is a talented and creative young man. :)

  2. Awesome! When you guys move here he can stay INSIDE our house! You and the rest of the nuts still get the tree fort. :)

  3. Thank you both :)
    And Kristin, as big of a brat as he's being today, I'll take you up on that offer!! HA!

  4. He won't have any time to be bratty here. I was planning on working him around the clock between cooking and creating projects that Nadia can do!