Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yum! :) :)

My Superfood Shake....
You wouldn't believe all the things that are in this. Yes, it stinks....and taste like something you found on the barn's SOOO healthy!!! And I DO feel better these days! :) :) Next time you see me...I'll look like a supermodel ;)

 Here it is: Wheatgrass powder, Barley grass powder, Aloe vera gel, Green vibrance (healthy probiotic green powder), Acai berry powder, Raw cacao powder, Hempseed oil and Stevia extract powder for flavor. I have been taking a liquid organic multivitamin that will be replaced with a better quality tablet form soon. We've also been putting magnesium citrate powder and calcium carbonate powder in my shakes but those will be replaced by the tablet vitamin as well.

The handful of pills in the morning - Fish oil, Garlic, Zyflamend, Quercetin with bromelain, and 7-keto

At night - Fish oil, Garlic and Zyflamend

I have an autoimmune disease...and at times didn't think I could get out of bed....and I'm crossing my fingers...but so far (7 weeks) I've felt SO much better! 

It's amazing what nutrition can do....vs. medications....and luckily I have a son who researches and orders all these things for me..and makes me the shakes :)   (I think it has something to do with the fact he lives here rent free....hehee)

he just said we should incorporate some exercise in the morning....I said "lets not do CRAZY talk"!!


  1. Oh I get it. You want to show up here in NC looking like Reece Witherspoon while I'm happily munching on caramel corn and funnel cake. Well...your secret is out so I'm going to start eating fish heads and drinking seaweed too! HA! Two can play this game missie!

  2. Jodi,

    I'm so glad that this "shake" and the supplements are helping you to feel better. I take aloe vera juice to help me through the day. I told the kids that it tastes like what I imagine lawn fertilizer to taste like, but it sure helps. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do :)


  3. Throw in some apples and a banana into the shake and it will taste a lot better!

    It reminds me of the GREEN GOODNESS Naked shake or the Bolthouse Farm Green shake... all that stuff and REALLY tasty to boot because of the apples...