Monday, October 10, 2011

The kids in their costumes :)

They kids all went to a Halloween party on Saturday night
 so, we had NO children from 6-10pm!  Whoo-Hoo!!!
Toma was Tweedle Dee...odd, I know, but it was cute and NOT scary.  But I have to say it was SO tight that he had the mother of all wedgies by the time he got home!

 Alex wasn't too hip on the idea of a party without mama ;)

 Scary Summer is all set to go!

 Michael the Alien  ( I have a thing about creep out) but he wanted to be it.

And finally, my little pirate looks so much better with his beard...and hearing there was going to be candy at the party ;)


  1. Shocking....a wedgie from that. Who would have thought? He is awfully cute though. They ALL are.

  2. cute-cute-cute!! Great costumes!! :o)

  3. oops I forgot to ask- where's your Dad's costume?