Friday, September 25, 2009

finger prints today

Hi All, ( my 3 people who have seen this blog, LOL)
had my finger prints done today for the back ground check. Still wading through the papers. I get depressed on the days that I feel like I didn't make any progress at all in that day. I want to do something everyday to be one step closer to bringing him home.
I still don't know much at all about him. Mostly just his special needs, which some I don't even know the extent of. I don't know if he can hear at all. I don't think he can speak at all. Cleft palate, crossed ectopic kidney, hydrocephaly, missing one ear all together. But I tell ya, that little smile of his can completely melt my heart. What ever issues he has medically, we will face together and get through them. I just CAN'T wait to love him, and hold him and teach him all about a mamma's love.
I do wish I had some personality information on him. I don't. Not at all. But he certainly looks like a sweetie. Don't worry, I am not fooling myself too much, and I know that I should expect anything- but really I still think he will be a complete sweetie :)
Thank you to the nice lady who offered to help me with my blog! How very kind of you. I do have teenagers that are quite good at that sort of thing, it's just a matter of getting them to slow down enough to help their mom for a few minutes!
When they do~ I will post lots of pictures of the family and some more of Hunter :)
I would love to hear from others that have adopted from Ukraine, specifically orphanage 20.

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  1. Hi, I just found your blog! We are adopting Dania from Ukraine. Her picture is right next to Hunters! And he sure does have a cute smile!!! This is also my first attempt at blogging and it feels like no one likes to comment?! Maybe its because we are still so early in the process. We have adopted three times before and the paperwork and everything else that goes along with adoption can get a little frustrating! Hang in there because believe it or not you will one day look back at this with your new son and wonder where the time went! Ill put Hunters button up on my blog. (if I can figure it out!!hehe)