Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trying to pull it all together

I am So glad I have a super SMART husband :) I don't know how I would handle all the paper work and collecting everything we have to collect--it's crazy! I am definitly NOT good at these things, luckily my wonderful hubby is. He has been doing SO much, it warms my heart and I thank God for the change in his heart. I had to talk him into this for over a year and a half. But, atlast..he is here. I can't even describe how good it feels to both be on the same page about adoption and what's really important in this life. I hope we have such a wonderful experience with our first adoption that it will just be a matter of 'when' we do it again. There are only so many TRULY important things one can do here on earth, and adoption, especially special needs adoption, is at the top of that list.
I wish I knew more about Hunter, it's hard thinking about him all the time with such limited information. Will he understand that he is being adopted and leaving the orphanage and that we will be his family? Does he understand what a family is? What a mama is? I don't know where he is at cognitivly speaking. Can he even hear at all? I don't know. But I sure hope that once we get him home we can improve the hearing he may have in his one ear. I really don't know what the extent of the kidney issue is, or the hydrocephaly, but I am hoping neither will be much of a problem for him.
I bought him a stuffed bear and a really soft blanket the other day. Also got a memory box to fill will with mementos from his country. Have clothes in the dresser and his bed is waiting. Please pray it all goes as we hope and we can be HOME before Christmas!

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