Friday, December 18, 2009

another picture of Aaron

Look at those dimples! What a wonderful son he would make some lucky family. He really needs someone to save him, he will spend his life in an institution if nobody comes for him. REALLY, he will. Pretty soon that smile will fade and he will lose hope that anyone will YOU can be the difference between life in a crib for him and a life FULL of joy and family. He is ABLE, he is happy, don't let him waste away....


  1. and look at him already up and is he walking? a little arthrogryposis in the uppers could really be no big deal at all. I wish I could bring him home. We are already hoping to bring home a couple of girls we met when we got Ben. We already kind of bonded with them when we were there and they weigh heavily on our hearts every single day. Maybe you are supposed to go get Aaron when you get hunter?

  2. I would LOVE to! But unfortunately our SW only approved us for one. We TRIED and TRIED but she wouldn't change her mind. We had committed to Svetlana along with Hunter before we knew she wouldn't approve us :(

  3. Thank youuuu for posting this! I know he looks so great, he neeeeeeds to find a family!