Tuesday, December 8, 2009

January 21st.

I was SO hoping for a sooner date. I know it's only 6 weeks away, but to me it seems so far away, I suppose because I was preparing myself for maybe leaving soon, like next week. But, all is good. Hoping time will fly :)


  1. hugs :)
    will be there with you all the way :)

  2. but its a date! and its set! its better this way because you have time to get tickets far enough out to get a decent fare! getting tickets with a 5 day lead time is spendy! Just think! you will get that boy home in FEB! that is SO CLOSE! start shopping! start painting his room! Buy him a bed! Get ready Mama! because once January 21 gets here things will FLY!

  3. I know, I know. And you're right, the fares should be WAY better priced. But the room ready, the bed is ready with his little teddy bear on it, the dresser is full of clothes, his bags packed,we just need HIM :) Patience isn't my strongest virtue!