Monday, December 21, 2009

Please, Please,Please consider bringing one of these children into your family...

They will literally be forgotten forever and most likely DIE without you. I don't say it to guilt you, I say it because it's true. And it breaks my heart. It's NOT too late to save them, but it soon will be. Please pray about it, pass their pictures along, help find them families. They are innocent little souls.

A committment from a family could hold them in the orphanage, and prevent their transfer to the institution.


  1. Dude, I knewwww someone was missing. I've been looking at it all day, because I know there is a spot on the bottom right that used to have a face. That means hunter's face is probably behind my bed. Clearly I need to invest in better tape!

  2. Ha Ha Ha- Oh Molly you're funny. Get that picture up!

  3. I will! My wall is missing that very cute face!