Monday, December 7, 2009

This day has draaaagged on. I have a headache from tension and not sleeping well last night. I was so preoccupied about what today would bring. And so far it has brought disappointment. What is the hold-up?? I have no idea. Does Yulia have our dates? Are they for next week, next month?? I don't know. Some days it seems like we are NEVER going to meet this child, yet I know in the overall big picture we have waited SO far less than alot of adoptive parents. It's just frustrating. There is an incredible lot to coordinate once we get the travel date. I don't think it's going to be today, since it's like, what, midnight in Eastern Europe?? I don't like 'downer' blogs, so sorry I just posted one :)


  1. hang in there!! I don't like holdups either... hoping for tomorrow...

  2. so sorry :(
    I was so hoping you would hear :(
    praying for tomorrow....