Sunday, January 31, 2010


  1. Jodi, he is BEAUTIFUL. I am so glad you were able to post. I hope you hear soon about the Interpol clearance! Write and post pictures whenever you can...there are several of us out here wondering how things are going for you guys :)!! I am taking notes :)...

  2. Oh my gosh!! he is beautiful!! He looks so much older than the picture you had!
    You can just see the love!
    Hope you hear soon on interpol!
    good luck,

  3. Hi Jodie, So delighted to see a photo and update of you guys.What a cutie, and that smile and eye contact.Have been checking your blog lots during the last few days hoping all was well and I can see it is. Hoping interpol comes through for you guys soon, take care,Cass

  4. he's a beautiful little boy! I really hope everything works out. I'm sure the language barrier with the adoption process is making things that much more difficult.

    GS kids are much smaller, Abby at 18 months is a foot shorter then all her same age peers.

  5. absolutely gorgeous!!
    His eyes just grab you!