Friday, January 22, 2010

The time has come at last...

We leave in the morning, we have some lay-over's, so we'll get to Kiev Sunday afternoon. We will have Monday to get adjusted, and then our SDA appt. in Tuesday. So hopefully, by Wednesday or Thursday we'll finally be meeting this sweet boy, our new son. I can't believe it's really happening, it seem's like just yesterday I was pleading with my husband to adopt him, and now here it is! So all you out there who are in the same situation, trying to talk your husbands into it, stay persistant, keep the faith, and wait on the Lord to change their hearts :)



  1. AHHHHH!yay! Have fun. Squeeze the babies from me. seriously, any baby you see.

  2. Praying, rejoicing, praying,and praying some more!!! Have a great trip. I'll be eagerly awaiting your posts on your sweet new boy!!


  3. Have a safe and CALM trip!! I cant wait til you get to hold that sweet sweet boy!!! I hope everything goes smoothly and if not, that prescription may come in handy in other situations!!LOL
    Have fun and good luck!

  4. Can't wait to see him in your arms! Soak it all in...your trip will fly by! Praying for your family & especially your sweet treasure!

  5. so happy your time has finally come! Cannot wait to hear you have all made it safe and you are that much closer to seeing your little boy!
    sorry I haven't posted lately, for some reason your blog was pulling up with only 2009 entries. You are probably winging over that big dark ocean right now! I hope you are all sleeping :)
    hugs :) Enjoy K**v :)

  6. by now you should be trying to settle down for the night. I hope you have an early morning appt tomorrow so you can relax all day.
    Will be up praying for you all tonight!

    I hope you had a fun day sightseeing!!!

  7. Praying for you!!!!! So excited for you!!! :)

  8. so happy to hear from you and that your appt is at 9:00 am!! will be praying for you guys!!!
    keep warm!

  9. Jodi, I am so very thrilled for you!!! Can't wait to read an update!