Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Baha is here :) :)

I put this on FB last night but forgot about putting it on here for those of you who don't do FB (ahem....Kristin)

Artiom got his Baha today! He was crying in the audiologist office (white coat again) and his glasses were all fogged up, when he blinked his lashes were like little windshield wipers :) Then she put the baha on his head and his whole world changed! You should have seen his face when he could hear for the first time from the side of his head w/o an ear....priceless.

this isn't Toma....but I wanted to show you how he wears it on his head :)  Remember, he has his glasses with 2 straps on it, one on the back and one over the top of his's a sight to see!  But a sweet sight to see :) :)  Lots going on up on his head!  I'll try to get some pictures up soon!


  1. glad to hear that he can hear now from that side. He would be cute anyway.

  2. This is really me...I was signed in on Cate's :) ..Jeane... Hope things are going well at your home...We have been praying.

  3. (Ahem) We were too busy making sure our house didn't blow away yesterday to check blogs. However, I'm happy to wake up to this good news about Artiom! Now he can really hear you telling him 'I love you'. I'll bet his language is going to take off from this point on!