Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One word people....IODINE.

From the research done, it looks like a simple daily
dose of at least 12.5 - 50 mg of Iodine a day would cure most disease, and more than likely prevent them all together.

Shane has me on a 50mg dose per day.  ( I started on 12, then slowly worked up to 50)  Yeah, my stomach is a bit 'rumbly' but soon I'll have no more ailments at all!  Right??  :) :)  Or else I'll be dead.




we mix it in a drink (a good strong one, ha!) and voila'.....can't even taste it.


  1. Oh, no, Jodi! The Aztec face clay wasn't enough? I hope this one works out o.k. for you :) Have you tried something a little more sedate like pure fish oil. I've tried it. It tastes horrible but it is good for you. Just a thought.
    Good luck,

  2. You are a brave woman! Mix it with some chocolate, maybe it will taste better!