Friday, April 15, 2011

Fatherless Friday

Are you a paper ready family traveling to Ukr*ine to adopt???  Do you have room in your heart for one more?  This is Vanya and his situation is critical...please click on the link below to learn more....

And sweet Pauline....I can't believe she's still waiting.  She's so smart and able, and what a glorious smile this girl has!  She would be an absolute delight to any family :)

Pauline W.

Date of Birth: September 2006

Gender: Female

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Character: Beautiful, kind, affectionate.

Oh, I am SO happy to finally have new photos and info about this beautiful princess!!!! I believe she may have Mosaic Down Syndrome, we are trying to confirm that. She is very high functioning, healthy, active, and social. She will do so well in a family environment. More photos available, outstanding agency partner in this region! MARRIED COUPLES ONLY, PLEASE

$4206.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

You can find her on 

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  1. Hi Jodi! See? I read your Fatherless Friday posts. Countdown to your trip...3 days to go! If we weren't heading up to PA then you really may have had a big surprise with my showing up at the beach!!!