Sunday, April 3, 2011

This post is jumping all around....just like my brain!

I know I haven't said much about adoption lately, because it just isn't the right season in our lives to go back... (it was one year ago today we got home w/Toma)  :) :)

But I want her!!!!!!!  I've wanted her for so long.  Isn't she precious? 

This is our daughter Ashley.  Could you please pray for her....she's in the hospital with issues related to diabetes (seizures) and some other issues that she needs prayer for.  I sure would appreciate it.

                                             And Jacee Badeaux....just because he's cute and I love him!    hahaa.

Hey, have you visited his Facebook page??  If you do, it's the one with the sunglasses on...that's the only one that is his personal page that he actually visits daily...and he'd be so happy to see his number of 'likes' up :)


  1. sending (((HUGS))) and prayers for Ashley

  2. Praying for Ashley and your family.

    God bless you guys.


  3. Praying here too, Jodi! My son, Josh, absolutely loves little Charity from RR too. I hope Ashley gets well soon.

  4. just stopped by to check it out jodi and give my prayers to ashley

  5. Charity is an angel, plus she has lost her family twice! Poor baby!

    Praying for Ashley!

  6. Jodi, you are truely an Angel who has received many blessings! I am so happy to get to know one another! Ya never know when you can use a good angel <3

    Love Ya

  7. Thanks really means a lot to me :)