Monday, November 28, 2011

Be still my heart!

The other day I was wishing we could have another baby....

and I thought if we did....and it was a girl...I'd name her Savannah.  I've always loved that name.
I told Rich that...and he said he really likes that name too.  But then he said he wants to adopt another child instead....

Then today....I went to Reeces Rainbow and scrolled through the sweet faces....which I haven't done in a long time...because we aren't in the position to adopt again and it just makes me long to when I see their faces.

But today...there was a baby...a baby named SAVANNAH!  and...this is a huge AND...she's in TOMA'S orphanage!!!  I've always said if we can go back, I'd sure like it to be in the same we can spend time with our wonderful friend Alexander again.

And there she is....a baby...named Savannah...(yes, I know this is a screen name, but I don't care) ;)  AND in the same orphanage.

You have no idea how I wished this was Gods way of saying 'Go get her!!' 

But alas....real life comes into play....

And sometimes it stinks.

The need is so great....yet it is so hard! 

So anyway....there you have it.

Take a moment and go look at these sweet faces....that long for a family of their own.


  1. how do you know it isn't?

  2. WOW does she remind me of Michelle Z's daughter Ruby! And I agree with the other commenter, how do you know it isn't? You know as well as I do, God will make it happen even when it doesn't look possible. Oh, please go get her. I'll be brining Asher home sometime next week, and still I'm looking at faces. UGH!

  3. She's a cutie for sure. But then again they are all so stinkin' cute, it makes it that more difficult to not be able to go get them.