Monday, November 7, 2011

I went to visit Oliver!!!

Saturday morning we left Minnesota and drove nearly 5 hours to get to Waterloo IA...

 To visit with the sweetest little boy I've ever met.....Oliver <3

 For those of you that don't know...Oliver is a 10 yr old boy that is battling DIPG...a rare form of brain cancer...

 He's the bravest, most courageous boy I know.  He's also very funny, sweet, tenderhearted... and loves to joke and laugh :)

 He was very tired on this we just sat and talked...I did most of the talking...and he showed me his sweet smile. <3

 That would be THIS smile :)

 Awe... <3 <3 <3  This day meant SO MUCH to me....

 We went through a goodie box we brought...he liked the whoopie cushion ;) 

 He likes wrestling...he was showing me his wrestling figure...

 Here's that sweet smile again....I would tease him and say that he was really thinking something like 'when is this crazy lady gonna leave, anyway!'   hahaaaa and THEN he would smile :)

 Here's his mom and his brother and sister.....

 When I got there he was reading letters from people, that's what's in the basket...I'll post his address if you'd like to send him a letter...he LOVES getting them...

I'd sure love to drive down and see him again...he has touched my heart in such a huge way.  I love him so much.
Please pray for him...for his healing...for God to touch him with His healing hand.  Ollie needs our prayers now.  He wants to be here for drink hot chocolate with his family and feel the wonderful Christmas spirit in his heart.  (his words)  Please pray for him.

Oliver Palmer
417 Oaklawn Ave
Waterloo, IA 50701


  1. The pics are wonderful Jodi :)
    I especially love the your family one...Summs pose says it all <3
    I so happy you got to go :)
    Thanks for telling him I loved him. Means a lot to me <3

  2. What a sweet and precious effort from your family to love Oliver. I especially love your daughter's head on his ...what a dear one. We continue to pray and hope.


  3. Jodi,
    I'm so glad that you and your family had the opportunity to visit with Oliver and his family. I can tell from your posts how much you care about this little boy. Thank you for your loving heart, Jodi. Praying for Oliver.

  4. I'm so glad you got to love on him! I can tell this boy means a lot to you. I pray for him everyday. Your family is beautiful Jodi. That picture with your little girl's head on Oliver's is beautiful.

  5. Jodi you're a special woman! I won't even say anything sarcastic in my comment because you're just too sweet sometimes. Visiting Oliver meant a lot to you but I'm sure it means a lot to his family as well!

  6. Thanks meant the world to me to go and be with this boy <3 I hope we can go again.

    Please keep praying for him <3 Because I do BELIEVE in Miracles <3

    And Kristin...I miss your sarcasm ;) I figured you didn't like me anymore being how ya don't EMAIL me anymore!!! I miss talking to you :)


  7. We are praying! What a precious boy! We will send him some mail too! :o)
    Thank You for his address.