Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween wrap -up

The kids had fun on's my little tiger on his second Halloween :)

My little gator with my little tiger...still trying to figure out the food chain thing....hmmm...I think Toma better watch out!

Michael was a spooky Alien! (and I DON'T like Aliens..they creep me out)

Summer was a skeleton again this year....but as short as it's getting on her, I don't know if it will make it to next year :)

Here are the kids trading candy the next morning...and Summer was surprised at getting caught in her undies ;)

And here they boys were still trading...and then Alex said 'I'm all done, I'm closing up shop Michael' hahahaaaaa that boy cracks me up!

this was Michael's not happy face when he thought he messed up his pumpkin....

But he fixed it, so all was well :)

It's Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas :)


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