Monday, June 13, 2011

The goings on around here

Here's what we've been up to lately.  I lost the cord to my camera so I can't download my pictures :(  

yesterday we took the kids to a parade in the next little town over...they all had alot of fun...Toma still wouldn't get any candy, he's not the least bit interested in it.  He sat on my dads lap the whole 2 1/2 hours. 
My dad had a wonderful time because there was a Saloon Girl in the parade...Klondike Kate, I believe, who came over to him and sang him a song and KISSED him!!!  So, that pretty much made his day...or his month ;)  I wonder if she noticed that he only shaved half his face...he forgot the other half! :)

Last week I got a package in the mail...from a blog reader that I've never met....she crocheted me a prayer shawl!!!  A beautiful, pink (which is my favorite color) prayer shawl.  Can you believe that???  It really touched me that someone would do that for someone they don't even know.  THANK YOU ELIZ!!!
(when I get a new cord, I'll post pics)

Then....Jacee Badeaux sent me a note and signed pictures of himself!!!  Now,  you all know how much I love him, so that made my day!!!  He really is the neatest kid. 

Toma has dr appts all day tomorrow....x-rays to prepare for cleft palate visits, and plastic surgeon visit.  I don't like those days....spent down in the city with all that traffic.  I have terribly dry eyes from Sjogrens Syndrome and they get so bad on days like that then the headache comes on....oh, not good.  BUT, I will feel so much better when he finally has these things fixed.

If any of you were intending to write to Travis, he sustained a back injury and was flown back home to recuperate :(  I'll let you know when he'll be sent back though.

Last week there was a batch of  dead bunnies in my back yard :(    One was still alive and I tried to save it....but it was too late.  We buried them...the next morning the mama was looking for was sad :(

We had one hot day here in was 103 degrees!  that was last's been sweater weather ever since.  I guess that was our one day of summer!

Well, that's about it.

Oh, and I've had 3 people email me and say they can't comment on my blog :(  And I can't comment on most peoples blogs that really stinks!  You know how much I love my comments!! :) :)


  1. Hi Jodi,
    Thanks for catching us up on all of your family's news. I will be thinking of you tomorrow while you are at all of Toma's appointments. We will be doing the same thing with Julia. She has an upper GI series tomorrow. Please pray that she will cooperate and eat the barrium.
    Looking forward to hearing updates on Toma.

  2. Praying for Toma, hope everything went well today. You must be exhausted. (((HUG)))

  3. p.s. my friend Kat wrote this very helpful post on problem fixing for posting comments!!

    It worked for me!!