Friday, June 3, 2011

Fatherless Friday

I've been looking at this sweet boy for years...watching him change and grow..and STILL waiting for a family.  I'm starting to think he will always be overlooked...and alone in the world.  And he seems like SUCH a sweet, good natured boy. 
Austin (16ka1-3)
Boy, Born June 2006

This darling little boy is waiting for his forever family. He has very unique facial features, but I am unfamiliar with the condition that causes these. One of the possible diagnoses we have been made aware of *may* be a form of Russell Silver Syndrome (RSS). This most recent photo shows he is growing well, and seems to be active and relatively happy. After what we learned about RSS, it seems much more likely than the previously supposed progeria, which is good for Austin! Please consider adopting Austin and helping him be the best that he can be! There will never be a place for him in his country outside the walls of an institution, just like our children with Down syndrome.

Could he be YOURS???

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