Sunday, June 5, 2011

Michael set up his Candy Shop

 Every summer Michael sets up his 'stand'.  He was SOOO excited to go to Walmart last night and get his 'merchandise' hahaa.

                        Of course, I greatly encourage this....for many reasons.  Did I mention he stays down there ALL DAY???  ;)
He brought his book to read for the slow periods...

And I brought him lunch, which always brings a smile to his face :)


  1. Hey Jodi,
    I figured out I can post as "Anonymous". I'm still having trouble with Blogger :(
    Wish we lived closer so that I could come and buy some candy. I think it is great how business minded Michael is. Maybe he will be on the "Apprentice". :)

  2. What's he selling??? Does he ship cross-country? :) What a great idea! I can see Michael being CEO of a great company one day with his entrepreneurial spirit! If he has caramel-cremes (which are my FAVORITE!) then I'll pay double for the shipping! hahahaha

  3. Way to go Michael. Keep up the hard work. I love it. How did the business go. Somedays I bet aren't as good as others......come sit at the bottom of our driveway...we'll keep you in business!!!


  4. Aaaw! I wish you were closer- my kids would clean his store out!! (((HUGS))) Michael!