Friday, July 29, 2011

Fatherless Friday

Whose smile doesn't reach her eyes...

This little treasure is still waiting...oh, how I love her <3

Girl, born September 2005

This smiley young lady is listed only as having hypothyroidism, which is typically very easily controlled with daily medication. Polly may have other effects of orphanage life, but nothing else was noted for her.

There are many other children who could be adopted with Polly.

*** Update.....Sweet Patrick from last Friday's post has a family coming for him!!!  :) :)


  1. How come I've figured out a way to comment on your blog but you haven't said nary a word on mine lately????

    Miss ya!

  2. I was just waiting for the vacation to be done so I could comment on the whole shabang!!! could let anonymous commenters on..then I could do it w/o having to sign up for Blogger every single time :)

    I think if I go in through foxfire I might not hav that problem...but then all my contact stuff isn't on I don't like it...

    Anyway, it looks like you guys are having a blast!!! I had to show everyone in the house the pics of Nadia eating the sand...that was HILARIOUS!!! oh my. Micheal especially liked the pic of the meatballs on one of your boys plate...hehee...I think he would have sat there staring all night if I would have let him ;)

    I'm glad you're all having such a good time!!!