Thursday, July 21, 2011

wanna know how hot it is outside??

Yesterday I went out to feed the llama and came back in looking like THIS.


  1. Whoa there girlfriend. I just checked the weather for your part of Minnesota and the high today was going to be 86! We here in NC would break out the electric blankets on a day like that!!! It's going to be 100 with a heat index of over 105 today. We're not only going to pop popcorn outside but we're going to fry eggs as well! :)

    Oh, and while you're mopping your floors, I'll be keeping Nadia from stuffing the entire beach in her mouth (she ate 2 fistfuls of potting soil last night) and keeping her from walking up to unsuspecting little children and pulling their mint juleps in that scenario except for a 'double' AFTER she goes to bed! tee hee hee

  2. FYI Dear Kristin....we had a heat index of 110 a couple days ago....with our dew point in the 80's...AMAZON levels! What do you think of THAT?!

  3. I would think you all would be thankful for those 110 days as you know that all too soon the -20 days will be the norm. Let's all join in...."Count your blessings name them one by one..." tee hee heeeeeeeee

  4. hahaaa..... oh, I know it...and I really haven't been complaining...I call it my 'getting ready for the South' stay IN during the day and go OUT at night.

    And I'd waaaay prefer this to the cold, horrid, frozen Tundra. :)