Monday, July 25, 2011

Toma loves his pools ;)

He could stay in them all day. 

And fans.  He still has such a 'thing' for fans.

ok...and high heel shoes, but I wasn't going to reveal that one.  ;)

He's having a fun summer...he spends most of his days outside, only coming in to eat and sit over in his corner with his table and a little mad scientist trying to figure out what makes it work...he's taken a couple of them apart enough that I had to throw them away. 

He's such a sweet little guy.  He's by far the easiest of any of our kids.   No matter where we go, he's always got his hand out to hold someones hand, he's definitely a hand holding sort of's so sweet.
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  1. So I guess you found your camera chord(:

  2. nope, my daughter Ashley took this on her cell phone! haha....I'm just going to have to order a new one I think. :)

  3. Jodi,

    What a great picture of Toma. Julia absolutely loves the water too. She will sit for an hour and just happily dump cups of water over her head. Good to see you are having real summer weather.

  4. Love seeing new photos of Toma! He's the man with his goggles and swim trunks!

    Um...just a little advice...if you want him to get over his 'thing' with high heels then perhaps you should stop wearing your stiletos to make dinner!

  5. Well ya know...gotta TRY and keep up with YOU, Kristin. Although, I really don't even know why I bother.
    I'm just not the type that can get away with posing with my leg up saying 'tee hee'...
    But boy, do I wish I was!!!

    (it's honestly weird about the shoe thing. I don't even own high it has to be an orphanage thing...I'm thinking he saw the Doctors wear them and always wanted to touch them and couldn't)... (?)

  6. I think your theory about the shoes might be accurate although the doctor we met with at the orphanage wouldn't have made it one hour in high heels. tee hee hee

    And by the way, I don't wear my stilettos to cook anymore--just to do the laundry. Jim was staying home from work WAY too often so I had to do something drastic!


    Oh my.

  8. I love this picture! He looks like Superman! :o) My son (now 30) loved my silver sparkly shoes when he was 5! :o) Dad had a cow. It was just a phase!!