Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Mackenzie!

It's our granddaughter's 4th birthday
She takes after her 'Omie' and likes any form ;)

She loves playing with silly string! But what kid doesn't.... :)

Likes to 'help' Grandma (not me, I'm 'Omie') with dishes ...gotta love that!

Having fun on a big jumpy slide, pretty in pink.

She loves animals like here Omie <3

and likes being goofy with Alex

Cuddling with the gang....Toma doesn't look like he wants to cuddle...

eating some bubbles at grandma's house.....did I mention she has a 'ski' at the end of her name???

Loves her afternoon snacks with grandma...

And she SO wants a she is riding one with her mom :) Our daughter Ashley.

Being a little drama queen, she certainly gets THAT from her mom ;)

Having some fun at the park ...and being silly.

haha.....she looks like Pooh on Benydryl....

But she's super sweet...

And super GOOFY.

Her 'Poppy' ( Rich) calls her 'Big Mac'.....but I think she's way to pretty for that nick name :)


  1. Does Omie eat bubbles too? tee hee hee Happy Birthday to your sweet granddaughter! She certainly looks like a happy little girl. However, I'm with Toma on the whole cuddling thing--4 sticky sweaty kids on one chair is too much for me too! hahahahaha

  2. hahaaaa....well, I wasn't born with that 'ski' on the end of I tend to stay away from the bubbles. I learned my lesson after the 3rd or 4th time I tried 'em. ;)

  3. Cute-cute-cute! Just like her Omie! (((HUGS)))