Sunday, February 6, 2011

how come we seem doomed to be sick all stinkin winter???

Yes.  I said ALL WINTER.

I think we've been sick off and on, but mostly ON since November.  It just never ends and goes from one to another to another ......

On top of colds for nearly all of us, 3 now have the flu.  The laundry is a mountain.  Blah.......

I could seriously use a vacation.  F L O R I D A  ! 

now, wouldn't that be nice.

I do have some funny pictures of my dad I have to get on here soon....that always seems to cheer things up a bit ;)


  1. I want to see pictures of your dad!!!!!!

    I'm hearing you about the sick thing. Are you sure it isn't strep throat that is going around like crazy??

    Yes, Florida sounds nice.....and I could see Taiya on her birthday.....

  2. Hope you feel better soon, Jodi. My little ones are all sick now... What a bunch of unhealthy folks we are...ick, and I live in the South, no excuse! Ugh, still.. feel better and post those pictures of your dad!

  3. Yep pics of the somewhere around 100 yrs old Dad - sounds great!!

  4. Because God knows you're a saint of a woman and only you could handle that many sick kids, a few llamas, a cranky 100yr. old Dad, being stuck inside for like the 200th day, and keeping up your killer looks to keep your trophy-wife status! So, there you go. You asked, now you have your answer.

  5. BINGO Kristin! I knew I liked you ;)