Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pictures at last!

Artiom sweet.

 Alex...just because his mama thinks he's adorable....
 Me and Pops.
 Toma opening his Christmas presents...CARS!

Summer Rose on Christmas...

I call these 'Cookin with Cossacks'.....

He was SO proud of himself....

He gets So excited when he sees me take out the 'red beast' that he heads straight for the fork drawer...

This boy loves baking :) 

watching as I show him how to crack the eggs...

He was surprisingly good at it, and dropping them in, shells and all!    .......yum:)
I like this one :) :) always tasting...

Summer and her kitty...

 back to cooking...

Can we eat these now??

More cars...he better keep a tight hold on those, I see his brother eyeing them up!


  1. Great pictures Jodi! Toma is a boy after my own heart. I always wanted to eat the batter when I helped my Mom bake and I remember telling her that when I was out on my own that I was going to make batter and just pour it into dishes and eat it for dessert! :) So now I let my kids eat batter even though my pesky friend Lisa accuses me of abusing my children through potential salmonella poisoning. posh!

    P.S. Looks like the llama, I mean dog, was enjoying hanging out by the porch door while the baking was going on.

  2. it took me like 40 minutes to put all these on here, because I'm NOT so handy that way...and I get ONE comment!?!?!?!?!?


    Not that Kristins one lone comment isn't important....goodness knows I needed it...

    but sheesh people.

    I think I'll go back to NO pictures. See how ya all like that!

    All 3 of you!!!

  3. Oh my gosh Toma is getting to be a big boy! Look at him baking up a storm. Oh and I'm lovin that (my one day dream) mixer :)

  4. I got this mixer at GOODWILL! It was my Christmas present from my mom and husband :)

    I do love it, just don't really know what to DO with it! ha ha

  5. He is so darn cute!! :o) (((HUG)))