Tuesday, February 1, 2011

stir crazy

I watched 4 hours of Man vs. Food today.


there really isn't more to say............................this is what my life has come to.....HELP!


  1. Ummm...perhaps you could take a moment and comment on my latest blog post? Unless of course there's another episode of Man V. Food on that you don't want to miss. :)


  2. Okay, I didn't watch any tv today. I didn't have ANY time. I think I should ship you some work for me to do...would that be okay? Laundry? a limo to run around in? Um, a few DVD's to burn maybe. It's easy to learn.

    Watch it Kristin. Jodi isn't a long distance call. I like it that way. But she didn't answer me today. I guess she was at a really juicy part of her show.

    Are you in on Feb. 16th??

  3. But I fear if I showed up on the 16th, I'd be the only one there Dear Gretchen....

    And Kristin, IF I can pull myself away from it today.....I may post a comment on your blog....although as 'golden' as you are you really don't need mine.

    Sheesh. How do you do it?? You put a post on at night and the next morning you have like 11 comments!!!

    What's up with that!?!??

    Golden, I tell ya.