Monday, January 31, 2011

Lucy before and after...

This is beautiful Lucy May before her haircut.....

Here she is AFTER her haircut.....

 She was embarrassed so I gave her a blanket to cover up with....

Then I knitted her this little sweater......I'm handy that way :)

In the end she decided it wasn't so bad afterall....she's keeping it positive....


  1. I'm getting worried about you Jodi. They call it Stir-CRAZY for a reason you know. Bundle up yourself and the kids and go for a walk tomorrow! You all need some Vitamin D! Otherwise I'm sending you a complimentary prescription for some prozac! :)

  2. I am absolutely falling off my chair. I needed that!! I love your posts. Don't you ever stop blogging because then who would ever totally crack me up when I am least expecting it. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT... Passion and silliness go hand and hand!

  3. Oh Jodi, if Lucy is that fat and her teeth are that long, well, I think being hairless is the least of her worries! :) Thank God she has you, you knitting wizard you! :)

  4. you totally cracked me up ! I man you are a nut job ;) and I love it !

  5. oops that was me, Taiyas mama , to lazy to sign in.