Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm making an effort....

to be healthier....and it sort of stinks! 

OK, so another post about juicing......since I got like ONE comment on the last one...and that was a sympathy comment from Gretchen, I think.

For the last week and a half probably we've been juicing LOTS of vegetables and fruits.  I like the fruit ones, not the veggie ones so much.  I've been using sweet potatoes, carrots, celery, kale, beets, cucumbers,red lettuce, yams, tomatoes,broccoli, and asparagus ALL MIXED TOGETHER for the veggie ones. 

I've been drinking about 12 oz / 3 times a day. (on a good day)

For the fruit ones, it's easier....oranges, apples, bananas, grapefruit, coconut and pineapple. With a dash of cinnamon.  Those are pretty good :)

But, I still don't feel better....and I'm getting REAL sick of the veggie ones....today I only had one 12 oz cup.  Then felt sick after downing it.

I think I'm burning out.  And Shane just ordered a new/better juicer :)  He's really excited about it and loves eating healthy and getting Rich and I to do so also.

You should look up the Gerson Therapy....it's a guy who created this diet of mostly veggie juice...like 13 times a day to actually cure diseases!  Really.  I saw the documentary....it can actually cure cancers.  Plus MANY other benefits.   This guy was 117 years old when he died!!

So, I'm going to try and stick with it. 

But I really miss cinnamon rolls.  (Christine Reed...your post today didn't help!)

Plus, I have a terrible cold....after drinking a whole garden for almost 2 weeks!

Rich thinks I have a ways to go on my 'detoxification' period....since I tend to like sweets more than the average person!  ha. :)  Maybe he's right.

So that's what's been going on around here....it's Minnesota...it's winter...it's BORING.  So, we have to find ways to entertain ourselves ;)

By the way, if I only get like one sympathy comment again on this, I'm never going to mention juicing again!

I'm just trying to help you people stay HEALTHY!


  1. Oh, I meant to comment on your juicer post, then forgot about it. I'm sorry! I love my juicer, but yes, you can burn yourself out quickly. We try to use it on Saturday's and Sundays. I've found TONS of great juice recipes online, and sometimes I just make up my own. (note: blueberry pomegranate is a bad mix!)

  2. Oh, and I am NOT going to read Christine's post today, because I already read someone else's post about some cake-like popsicle thingies and I had instant cravings for fudge. (How does that work?) Christine's post will put me right over the edge! But I did tell Dean I would try to make Christine's Borsch soon, if I can manage to reduce it to about 1/16 of Christine's recipe. LOL

  3. Just a thought but usually eating healthier/cutting out bad food is usually more successfully/lasts longer if you do it slowly. Like commit to drinking a fruit one daily and a veggie one every other day or so. You could also commit to quit eating something bad (like no more fast food!)

  4. I thought I had Jim talked into buying me the Jack Lalane juicer for Christmas but instead I got a new toilet seat. Sounds like one of your stories but it's actually true! Keep on juicing baby but like all things, do it in moderation. A cinnamon roll now and then is perfectly fine and so is my 300 calorie Starbucks coffee that I can't live without and makes me a MUCH nicer wife and Mom!!! I've been absent from all blogging including my own but it's for a very good reason. I'll have to e-mail you to let you know since it's a BIG SECRET! Hint(It has nothing to do with my stealing Alexander from you--been there, done that!)

  5. Put some Nyqui in the juicer girl, you'll feel better in no time! Hope you feel better!

  6. that would be Nyquil, sorry can't type. Nyqui is probably some sort of fruit you've already juiced so forget that one :)

  7. I have to look back at my last comment and see if i insulted you. Kristn, could I hear about this Big Secret too? Pretty please.

    Maybe I should try juicing...I feel awful!

  8. Judging by the picture of your dad....he must be a juicer too if he's 100!!!

  9. Drinkig vegetables is just plain disgusting.... just saying...

  10. We do that every day, but we mix fruit and veggies together and it tastes waaaaay better than veggies alone!

  11. Sorry about the cinnamon rolls. I guess you better look at my blog tomoorw because my sister is in touwn and she requested that I make homemade bear claws.