Thursday, January 13, 2011


I made a turkey the other day and of course all the kids wanted to wishbone...  after we let it dry for a day or so, me and my sweetie Michael, who is 8, decided it was time.  First of all, I always lose...really.  No matter if it's flipping a coin, wishing on a wishbone, rock paper scissors...I always lose.  But I made my wish a good one....of course it had something to do with with returning to Ukra*ne for another little boy or girl in the NEAR future :)
But of course I lost.    Michael has been dreaming of a dune buggy lately.  He wants to move to a farm so he can get one. So, I figured his wish was something along those lines....

But then yesterday he asked me if his wish would still come true if he told me what it was....of course I said yes, because I was curious :)
He told me his wish was that we could go back for another orphan.

That's why I love my boy, who can also be the most annoying child on earth!  Because he has a tender heart :)


  1. I am praying that he gets his wish. Next time I get a wishbone I will wish the same thing for you... Maybe if we wish enough (and throw in some very useful prayers to a Living God), then it will happen. When it does... I have a few kids you may be interested in... just go to my blog post today... LOL!!

  2. I'll break a few wishbones for you, too. And continue to pray.

    You have a really annoying kid who has a good heart? I thought I was the only one that had that!!

  3. What a sweet boy....sending up prayers that you get that wish granted really soon. You have such a good heart.