Monday, January 31, 2011

2 things I am not allowed to have

Or at least SHOULDN'T be allowed to have.

#1 is super glue.  I've been banned from having that for years now.

#2 I really shouldn't be allowed to have an electric clippers.

NOTHING good has really EVER came of me having one of these.

Not with the kids, and certainly not with the dogs.  Or the cats.

I shaved poor Lucy today. WHY WHY WHY do I do it?????????

I don't know.  Really.  It's like some weird obsession thingy I do.  And once I get it in my mind, she's as good as bald.

Now she looks like a hairless rat.

And she's just sitting there shivering, traumatized.  I'm being kind and keeping the mirrors away.

But I seriously need a sweater for's COLD here!


  1. Jodi my friend. You seriously need a hobby OR you need to move somewhere that you can get out more than once a month!!! I'm thinking Lucy needed that fur with those MN temps!!! Poor thing!

    I'm just imaging the super glue incidents possible with you...!

  2. No picture of Lucy? A picture says a thousand words!

  3. I know what you could do to keep busy. prepare a dossier. there is one darling little boy with a big grant who needs a mama!