Wednesday, January 12, 2011


If you have ever had milk in Ukraine, you know it's SO MUCH BETTER THAN OUR MILK.  Right???
I can still remember sitting in our little apartment like it was yesterday...having just walked the mile and a half back from the store in blizzard like weather, in the dark....but we had the it was all worth it!  Take aside the fact that it was in a bag, and very unpractical because it spilled so easily, it was the best milk ever.   So creamy and good.  Anyway, we would get out our smoked cheese, and cheesecake yogurt bars, and the milk.  Pure Heaven.  We had all the burners on the stove on high to warm the place up, with a tea kettle steaming for the extra heat...the windows all steamed up...the clown cartoon on (any of you remember that?  The wife clown was always trying to hide the husband clowns bottle of Vodka) was good.  I REALLY miss it there.
Anyway, back to the milk.... my son Shane is into 'health' stuff and started bringing organic milk home and I have to say it's the closest thing I've had here to the wonderful Ukrainian milk. Moloko.
If you're like me and miss everything Ukraine, go try some :)  For a minute you just may think you're back there ;) 


  1. I'm on Atkins, lay off the milk talk. I'd kill for a bowl of ice cream right now... :)

    Love wins,
    Renee Tam

  2. The only problem with Ukraine (and Serbian) milk is it's not fortified with Vit. D. Axel drank nothing but Coke or Milk in the foster home, (milk at all meals) plus living in a climate similar to here, and he's SEVERELY Vit D deficient! Most Minnesotan's are deficient (as are both Dean and I, and on prescribed supplements because of that) So, the unfortified milk, combined with lack of outside time (though Axel was in a foster home and WAS outside, just like Dean and I are) and it's a bad combination.

  3. I can do you one better than the organic milk. For a year or so I used to take the kids out to a farm and buy unpasteurized milk right from the cow. Talk about yummy and about a gazillion calories to boot...but oh. so. yummy!
    You should see if you can find a farmer that you could buy some from. Of course, if your laws are like NC then you'd be participating in a bit of civil disobedience like I was since it wasn't technically legal to buy cow's milk for human consumption. How about that for government at its best. :)

    We didn't buy milk in a bag over there..just a regular bottle. It was still pretty good, though since it wasn't skim like I'm used to!