Friday, January 7, 2011

Fatherless Friday

This is sweet little 'Charity'  (whom in my mind I call Dasha, she looks like a Dasha, doesn't she?)  Oh, I love her.  She recently had a family committed to her, but sadly lost it.  Now she is back available for adoption and very much in need of a family.
She's only 2 yrs old and is healthy.  She was born with a heart condition but has had surgery to correct it :) 
Isn't she as cute as can be??  I wish we could go get her, I really do, but we're unfortunately not in a position to do so. 
Please say a prayer for her....that her family comes for her soon.

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  1. I was Charity's Christmas Warrior. So thrilled to hear that a family had chosen her... then terribly saddened to find out that she'd lost that family. She is just so precious and beautiful! I hope that this Christmas, when I hang her ornament on my tree, she is celebrating the birth of Christ with her forever family. Praying with you.