Saturday, February 12, 2011

There's a mouse WHERE???

There's a mouse in our Denali.  Actually, there's probably a whole colony of them by the looks of the 'evidence' they leave behind. 
It's been a problem for about a month now.  It started with an apple left in the vehicle that was half eaten and about a million droppings left behind.  Droppings on the rim of pop cans left in there...droppings EVERYWHERE.   How gross is that!  When we start the heater on, bits of cat food blow out the vents.  GROSS.  I'm just waiting for a mouse to jump out on me too. 
Shane swears he smells them when we turn the fan on....and I kind of do 'hot mouse'.  yuck.  I tend to leave my purse in the vehicle and the last straw was when I dug around in my purse for a mint and found instead a bunch of MOUSE TURDS in my purse!  My mints were open and I swear it looked 'licked' ...I think the mouse licked my mints!!!!

This is my life.....

Rich said atleast there is a mouse around that has really good breath ;)

And for the record, I threw away most of the contents of my purse and put it in the washing machine....I was so grossed out.

Rich has been leaving the Denali outside overnight trying to 'freeze' the little vermin out.  Does that sound as ridiculous to you as it does to me???????

And it's not working...surprise surprise.  (rolling my eyes)


  1. Somewhere I have a picture of our 4Runner's engine and the most AMAZING mouse colony we found in there! we weren't using the car at the time, it was sitting in our yard for about 2 years. They ate up every wire, and completely blocked all the air hoses so eventually the vehicle needed an entirely new engine. A very expensive fix. Put about 50 traps in there and get rid of them before they eat up all your wiring.

  2. Jodi,

    no words...

    what would we do without you?

    shaking my head..

    I would say you're a nut, but that's sort of stating the obvious...

    Love ya (mice and all),

  3. Laughing too hard! Good luck getting rid of that mouse - and don't leave your purse in there!

  4. I noticed there are some nice places to live in Alabama. Have you looked there? Please...look there! hahahahaha

  5. Does't Alabama have snakes that could eat the mice for you???????

  6. The only reason I suggested Alabama is because I think you'd, um, you know, fit in there a little bit better. Or perhaps West Virginia? But that may not be warm enough for you and I'm pretty sure you and Rich aren't related to each other so you might not be accepted as easily there. :):):)

    You know I love you or I wouldn't rib you so much!!!

  7. I bet you're just making yourself a TON of friends from West Virginia on here....ha haa haaa!

    But hey, isn't that where the Waltons are from?? Now that you got me thinking about that show again, I'll be back on Waltons mountain for the next couple of weeks. I'm sure the rest of the family will thank you for that ;)