Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a little of this and a little of that....

Toma just went in the bathroom and brought out his potty chair, took his pants off (diaper too) and went potty in the potty chair ALL BY HIMSELF!

For Toma, this is HUGE!

Sometimes I think he just doesn't 'get' most things on a daily basis...but then he'll do something like that and it just blows me away and gets me thinkin.....'he's in there somewhere...and he GETS it'!!!

Tomorrow we have an appointment down in the cities with a pediatric dentist that will do his dental work during the cleft palate surgery.  AND we're going to the eye doctor to hopefully get his glasses ordered.

Busy day.

And I didn't feel good at all today, and I'm crossing my fingers it doesn't get worse before tomorrow. So far, it's been through everyone in the family but me ( the flu thing) I've had a sinus thingy for a long time now. 

**********But the best news of the day is that sweet Alexander has a family committed to bringing him home!!!*******

oh, and the really crappy thing that happened to day is that one of our 'lovely' (grrrr) neighbors called the city and complained that our dog barks too much so we got the NASTY letter from the city!

How rotten.  It's freezing here, we're all stuck in our houses...(so it's not like they're outside listening to him bark)he's not out all that often and I call him in when he barks at the squirrels....  stuff like that just sticks in my craw. And I gave everyone of these neighbors 'welcome to the neighborhood' gifts when they moved in.  Hmp.

Well, American Idol is about to start....gotta go.


  1. YEAH Toma! BOOO everything else. Jodi, I thought you were moving?!?! Leave those old nasty neighbors in the dust.

  2. Hurray for Toma! And Hurray that you get OUT tomorrow even if it's for dr. appts.

    We had a neighbor write a letter to the city about our beautifully designed tree-house out back. She called it a 'shanty' and said it was a disgrace for our type of neighborhood. ha! The city inspector came out to look at it and asked if he could get the plans for it so he could build one for his kids. hahahaha

    She's just jealous of your ability to manage such a busy household and STILL look like Farrah Fawcett in her early years (with shorter hair of course). :)

  3. Renee- I DO want what is best for far as the whole moving thing goes. But, come on friend, let her make her own decisions. DON'T push it too much. I like talking to Jodi and I like that she isn't a long distance call.

    Kristin-Did you hear that Farrah Fawcett's red swimsuit was up for auction?

    Oh, hi Jodi. Is Shane driving you down tomorrow?

    Yay rock! Way to use the potty chair.

  4. Yeah! Toma!!! What a cutie!!

    Now don't hit echoes here in MN when its cold out and doggies bark! :o) Next door to us, they used to let the dog bark 24/7 on the side of our house where 2 of our group home gals have bedrooms. That dog barked all night long and the echo in winter was "loud". No leafies on the trees to mute it. It was a big black lab. Our group home gals cried from the noisy dog. It took 2 years for them to "get it". The police visited them after our friendly visits didn't work.
    I have 4 barkers here that are never left outside............just in case!!! Because I got the letter once too, when we left 2 dogs out and drove to Mpls for the day. Our neighbors complained about one day!! UGH!

  5. Woo hoo! Toma! that is so awesome... sorry about the neighbors... YEAH for Alexander... that is so beautiful to hear!

  6. Eliz....I could never hit you when you tried so hard to be sweet and diplomatic about it :) :)

    You see, I wouldn't know if it echoes or not because I never go outside!!!

    But I believe you. And the way I feel about my neighbor, I hope he hears that echo in his dreams!

    ha haa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. Jodi you crack me up!!!! (((HUG)))