Friday, May 13, 2011

My dad went garage saling...this is what he got :)

A dancing girl.  From Vegas.  And boy, does he like it!

 He can't seem to stop kissing the dang thing....

Not quite sure what he's doing here....probably don't wanna know.

He also got this duck...but he wasn't as excited about that.

I told him I was going to put these on my blog...and he said 'what time can we watch it'???  He thinks he's going to be on t.v.

~ha haa haaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

*****Blogger erased all my comments....!  And you all know how I love my comments...


  1. Maybe next year I'll send your Dad along with Jim to Vegas for the sales meeting! Might make all of his wishes come true!!!

  2. What a rockstar your dad is!!

    I'd feel better is I saw him kissing the duck...personally!