Monday, May 23, 2011

Our life in pictures

I know I should spread these out, but I'm kind of an all or nothing sort of here's what we've been up to lately :)

This is Michael, stuck in the cat house.  Notice the smile on his little brothers face ;)

  When Michael thinks I'm favoring his sister...this is what I get....

 Artiom waving and Alex spinning the top to my lamp...

Toma looking like Mr. Cool....

 This is my best friend in the whole world...Jake.  In jail for throwing up my bean soup!

 We took the little kids fishing....

My handsome sweetie <3

 pretty little lake, or mud hole, however you choose to see it ;)

Didn't even get a nibble..

But Alex is thinking of going in....and it's cold!

 In typical Alex fashion, he fell.....

Ooooh, not so funny anymore!!!

This tree is my pride and joy...for about ONE WEEK out of the year,

Then, it looks like the Nightmare Before Christmas tree for the rest of the year.

But oh so pretty right now!

 Three of our little ones...Toma didn't want to be in it ;)  And I know...Summer is wearing a gymnastics outfit with a fancy skirt with combat boots.  I know.  (rolling my eyes)

 This is what Toma was doing :)

Miss Summer Rose with one of our kitty's, Marco.

My pond that my sweet husband made for me...

 Playing in the rain!  Do you remember doing that?

Looks fun....ahhh, to be a kid again.

 rain on my pond...

Rain on my Alex...

Then it cleared up and they got to play again....

Toma loves the sand....almost as much as the water.

 My turtles...enjoying the sunshine.

And finally, me...SANS makeup and hair.  Michael took it ;)
And I was brave enough to put it on here!


  1. You all or nothing kind of gal you! AND you win yet another award for having a very healthy self-esteem! Not many people would put their picture on their blog sans ANYTHING!!! You always get the award for fun mom for letting your kids play in the rain, the sand, having tons of pets, dogs that throw up--it's just a three ring circus--just what kids love!!!

  2. Ditto Kristin! You are a way more fun mom than me. Wow. I could take same "fun" lessons from you. Hey, you will HAVE to come down to the lake this summer!!!! Not a mud hole and maybe some fish, and a gradual beach so no one has to fall in off the edge. Wouldn't that be fun?

    Can't wait!