Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It is not going to happen for us. There is NO changing the minds that arealready made up. We have had to place this in Gods hands and as hard as it isto accept, we have to. Please pray for Svetlana. I cannot even express to youhow much I wanted to be her mother. But if not me...the fact is she still needsa mother. Please pray for her, she has waited so long already and is soprecious. What a wonderful daughter she would make. If she is still there nextyear, we will try again, but for her sake I pray her family finds her beforethat. I do thank you all for your kind words and especially your prayers! Jodi

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  1. Im so sorry for this news! I will keep Svetlana along with all the other kids waiting in my prayers. But thank God you stepped forward for little cute Hunter and will be bringing him home! Its so great that you tried for two when most people dont even try for one. God bless you for that!