Sunday, September 26, 2010


Someone asked how he has been doing, so I'll fill you all in on Toma. He's been home 6 months, and is adjusting very well. He still does not talk at all, but he gets his point across in other ways.
He's scheduled to have another sedated MRI this coming week, and then at the end of the month we go back to the reconstructive surgeon to set up the cleft palate surgery as well as seeing the dentist to have those cavities fixed at the same time. And a circumcision as well.

We're still waiting to get the baha's for his hearing.

He hasn't started speech therepy, we are waiting until after the palate surgery.

He gets along very well with the other kids in the family, and they all know he's 'special' and treat him that way. Even Alex, who is 3 is like the older brother to him.

He's eating a little more than just rice cereal. He likes yogurt, and hot cereal and pediasure with bread in it. He has pediasure with all his meals. He was 22 pounds when we first met him and he just hit the 30 pound mark!

His 'naughty' side seems to have come out now that he's been here 6 months. He gets into everything! loves to dump out everything he can get his hands on, including the laundry soap in the dog dish :)

He still sleeps in a crib, with a crib tent over it. He doesn't take naps but some days I put him in his crib for some rest time (for me!)

His favorite toys aren't toys at all. He still loves an empty milk jug, or spoons/forks, and the hair dryer.

He rode a pony for the first time last weekend at a festival.

He's still not potty trained.

He slaps the other kids and himself, but we're working on that.

If you say 'looby loo' (for I love you) he puts his cheek out for a kiss :)

He prefers Rich over me still ;(

He is a sweet, sweet little boy who is just now learning how to be 'a little boy' :) since he spent the first 5 1/2 yrs of his life doing very little of anything.


  1. He is doing fantastic! Amazing what a loving family will do for a child.

    He is so precious. Have a great week!

  2. Awe...He is doing well.So glad to hear about him.His smile is so sweet.

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